PELOTARI es fabricante de especias, herboristería e infusiones, pimentón, oleorresina y conservas, y mayorista de salsas y encurtidos. Manufacturamos nuestros productos con materias primas de la Región de Murcia y alrededores, además de otros productos exóticos provenientes de todo el mundo.

// Spices

Spices are essential in a kitchen, as they give food a special smell and taste. Each and every one of the spices that we provide to our clients are made in the most traditional way that Pelotari is proud to offer to the public. We have more than 100 different spices available in our catalog.

// Pickles

Pelotari pickles are cured and made respecting the time necessary to achieve the quality that customers are looking for. In our facilities, we dedicate an extensive field to the chemical-free curing of our pickles, which rest outside until they are picked. More than 30 different products available.

// Pimentones

Each person has a different palate, some prefer spicy and others sweet. This is why in our selection of paprika, we offer 3 different varieties of paprika with sweet and spicy versions.

// Sauces

Within our sauces catalog, where you can find all kinds of products for any meal, we offer everything from our own sauces to products from friendly companies such as O'Preve. 

// Infusions and Tea

From different parts of our planet, we offer a great diversity of teas and infusions. From the classic chamomile, to the most exotic infusions such as Imperial Spice Tea or fruit teas. We have more than 65 different teas and infusions for our clients.

// Preserves

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