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Productos Hispano Alemanes SLPELOTARI, is a local company from Murcia with more than 50 años de experiencia en el sector de la alimentación. Expertos en la fabricación y comercialización de especias y encurtidos de la Región de Murcia alrededor del mundo.

In its beginnings, in 1970, it was dedicated to the manufacture of paprika and spices, completely by hand. In 1998 it incorporates pickles and has been expanding its product line from then until today, while modernizing its processes, without neglecting a careful selection that has made it not lose the handcrafted touch from its beginnings.

At present Pelotari is in a position to supply today's products with the flavour of a lifetime.


 PELOTARI clients are companies in the food sector, manufacturers of preserves, sausages, distribution, canal HORECA, olives, etc.

Productos Hispano Alemanes puts its experience and know-how at the service of its customers, with different mixtures of spices and pickles, making personalized formulations for those who request it. We serve from full loads to loose pallets with merchandise consolidation (groupage) with various assorted items, trying to reduce costs for our customers.


In PELOTARI, we have propietary production of products made in Region of Murcia, such as: peppers, spicy red peppers, lemons, cauliflower, aromatic herbs, and a long etc.

Of course, all those products that are not manufactured or produced in our facilities, are imported wether from other regions of Spain, or from various countries that offer products with the maximum quality and guarantees.


Here in Spain we know about our own typical food and spices, and why they know us but, what about other countries?

With the aim of bringing new flavors to our country, PELOTARI is in charge of bringing typical products from South American and Asian countries. Imported with the assurance that they have the highest qualities for our customers.

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